Headscarves, Head Wraps & More: How to Look Fabulous in 60 Seconds with Easy Head Wrap Tying Techniques

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Headscarves, Head Wraps & More: How to Look Fabulous in 60 Seconds with Easy Head Wrap Tying Techniques

What if your morning hair routine took just a matter of seconds? What if you could walk out of the door in the morning feeling great; confident that you look wonderful?What would it be like to get compliments and eager questions of ‘Can you show me how to do that?’Here’s how to look amazing in just seconds, with easy head wrap tying ideas;Author and head wrap Queen Kaye Nutman, shows you how to do all of this and more in the beautifully illustrated 'Headscarves, Headwraps & More'. What you'll find inside:

  • Each style has numerous colour photographs featuring regular women
  • Carefully drawn CAD illustrations
  • Simple, step by step instructions, for quick, easy and confident head wrap tying
Within these pages you'll learn the secrets to tying 26+ superb head wraps, reducing bad hair days and feeling fabulous instead. Wind-swept surfie mavens, party goers, care free cruisers, those who wrap for reasons of modesty and faith, and those with hair loss, including from chemotherapy, this book could be invaluable for you or someone you know! It's time to show off your personality, and w ow onlookers into praising how good you look.Learn…
  • How spending time browsing a famous website can save you time and help you choose what to wear with what.
  • How easy preparation can keep your headscarf from slipping off.
  • How to cover up hair imperfections so you feel elegantly chic or untidily casual - you choose!
  • How to turn a plain scarf into an eye-catching headpiece.
  • How a simple inexpensive item from your (or your tweenies) chest of drawers can turn into a comfortable yet striking wrap.
This book contains ideas for tying on the cheap or for FREE, and websites/YouTube videos to view, and so much more. You’ll never be lost for ideas on how to look fantastic in a headscarf.Whether youloveto wrap, wantto wrap, orneed to wrap - for hair loss, fashion, modesty or faith, or reasons in between...You owe it to yourself or a friend to own this fabulous book.

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