Begg-Scotland 12.5″x71″ Pure Luxury Lambswool/Angora Large Scarf – Augustus

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Begg-Scotland 12.5"x71" Pure Luxury Lambswool/Angora Large Scarf - Augustus

Begg of Ayr, Scotland has long been regarded as the finest maker of woven cashmere and lambswool/angora scarves anywhere in the world. Few shops offer the more substantial 12.5" x 71" scarf size, opting instead for the 25% smaller less costly "muffler" version. We only carry the larger 12.5" x 71" scarf size and 14'' x 71'' in PIP Stripe Style. Created in the very traditional old-world way, Begg's Jura scarves are incredibly lustrous, significantly hefty, and buttery soft - probably the softest of their type on the planet. They are durable, not flimsy, and with proper care can last a lifetime. All are suitable for men and women.

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