6 Ways with Scarves for Men

It’s very trendy for men to wear scarves of various types dependent on the weather. A scarf can be worn as a fashion accessory if it’s warm or to protect against the cold in the winter. Popularised by Hollywood stars, it’s quite commonplace to see men strolling the streets of London, Paris or LA bedecked in scarves of many colours. Here are 6 ways with scarves for men.

The Winter Scarf

Made of wool, cashmere or synthetic fabric, the winter scarf is often knitted and can be patterned, plain or striped. It is worn either casually with one end thrown over the shoulder or somewhat like a cravat tucked inside a formal winter coat.

Business Casual

Usually thinner than the Winter Scarf but the same shape, long and rectangular, the Business Casual scarf can feature traditional prints and are usually worn with a business suit or blazer and trousers. The material can be lightweight such as cotton, polyester, silk, linen or a blend and in winter, cashmere, wool or alpaca. Sometimes winter fabrics are blended for greater warmth and softness and less bulk.

The Reversible Scarf

Basically, this scarf has a different pattern on either side but in complementary colours, so depending on how the scarf is worn, either one or both sides can be seen. An excellent accessory for a winter overcoat.

The Sporty Scarf

Ideal for adults and children who go running, play winter sports like soccer or rugby and great for skaters and skiiers, these scarves are generally made of blended materials which are resistant to cold and winter weather conditions. They are often infinity scarves so don’t need to be tied making them very snug and versatile and also safer for someone engaging in physical activity as they can’t be tripped over or become tangled in equipment. Parents love them because kids don’t lose them in the park or play area.

The Summer Scarf

Made of a thin or fine fabric, the Summer Scarf is purely for accessorising, draping or flinging casually over the shoulder.

The Evening Scarf

The traditional Evening Scarf is white silk with an elegant fringe and is worn with a Dinner Jacket or Tuxedo, if you prefer. The scarf is usually just hung around the neck but one end may be flipped over the shoulder for the full film star look.

A selection of scarves is fast becoming an essential part of the modern man’s wardrobe whether for fun or for practicality.

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