10 Ways to Wear Your Scarf

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No matter what the time of year or the temperature, a scarf is a great accessory to make an outfit look stylish or even just to wear as a beach wrap. Here are 10 ways to wear it.

The Knot

This is two for one; you can fold a small square scarf in half diagonally, place it around your neck and tie the ends in a small knot or you can take a long soft one, fold it length ways, put it around your neck and make a loose knot at about chest level.

The Neckerchief

As for the Knot, fold square scarves with the point in front, slightly off center and tied the ends behind your neck.

The Shawl

Drape a large oblong or folded large square around your shoulders to act as a shawl or wrap to keep out the evening chill.

The Sarong

You need a large soft scarf for this; put it round your back under your arms and tie in front above your bust or cross the ends over and tie off behind your neck. Great for covering up a little bit at the beach.

The Skirt

This works for the beach too; just put it around your waist and tie at the side.

The Hair Cover

This works best with a long soft scarf; place one edge of the scarf half way up your forehead and knot the long ends at the side of your head, draping the ends over one shoulder.

The Hijab

Start as for the Hair Cover but take the long ends across the face under the eyes and tuck back in round the side or back or use a pin if preferred.

The Belt

Roll a small square or long thin scarf, place round the waist and knot. With the long thin one you end up with a floating end – very elegant.

The Necklace

Knot a thin scarf at equal distances and tie off behind your neck.

The Bracelet

Wrap a small scarf around your wrist several times and tie off; you might need help with this!

These are just 10 ways to wear scarves; there are many more!

decorative scarves
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