Fashion and Designer Scarves – Useful and Stylish

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Fashion and designer scarves are a useful and stylish addition to any wardrobe. From the decorative to the functional, a scarf puts the finishing touches to any outfit.

Small Square Scarves

Often known as head scarves, used to keep the hair in place in an open-topped car or when riding a horse, a square scarf can also be folded to do duty as a hair band, or used as a neckerchief or bandana.

A head scarf tied behind the head is useful to keep long hair neat or to cover baldness caused by illness or cancer treatment.

Large, Long, Soft Scarves

These scarves are very fashionable and come in a huge range of styles and colours. There are a number of ways of draping, rolling, folding and tying them but the soft nature of the fabric makes them very decorative and a pretty accessory.

These large squares can also be used as headscarves but because they are large they can be crossed over and tied behind in a more modern way than the traditional head scarf tied under the chin.

Knitted Ring or Infinity Scarf

Another great winter warmer, the knitted ring scarf is just as it sounds – it doesn’t have an end and can be doubled round the neck for snuggling into.

Long Woollen Scarves

Traditionally worn by college students, a long woolly scarf or muffler as they used to be known is ideal for a cold winters day and can be flipped over the shoulders or tucked inside a winter coat.

Woollen Squares

A large woollen square can be worn around the shoulders over a coat for additional warmth in winter.

Chiffon Scarves

Long and floaty, you can do just about anything with a chiffon scarf; tie it, drape it, wrap it, whatever you wish.


Originally a large cashmere scarf, originating in India, a pashmina has become a generic term for a large fine woollen shawl, useful as an accompaniment to an evening outfit in the depths of winter.

These are just a few of the many types of scarves available to jazz up any outfit.

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